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Diplomatic relations

Artist Song
Devendra Banhart  There Was Sun 
Magnetic Fields  Parades Go By 
The Shins  Kissing the Lipless 
Preston School of Industry  Monkey Heart and the Horse's Leg 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Pin 
The Pixies  Velouria 
Nancy Sinatra  Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 
Belly  Superconnected 
The Killers  Somebody Told Me 
Interpol  Obstacle 1 
Elliott Smith  Between the Bars 
R.E.M.  Country Feedback 
The New Pornographers  Breakin' the Law 
Bionic Arm  You Kicked Me (In the Skull) 
Throwing Muses  Fall Down 
The Shins  Baby Boomerang 
Bright Eyes  Spent on Rainy Days 
The Beatles  Norwegian Wood (this bird has flown) 
Bob Dylan  Visions of Johanna 


This time last year I thought I was madly in love with him. Now I'm relieved to say our feelings are purely platonic. This was part of his Christmas present.