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alex is the man

Artist Song
ola & the janglers   alex is the man 
northern state  at the party 
de la soul  my brother is a basehead 
the saints  (i'm) stranded 
david bowie  i'm afraid of americans 
the go! team  bottle rocket 
komeda  it's alright, baby 
randy  if we unite 
sportique  if you ever change your mind 
the hellacopters  the devil stole the beat from the lord 
john lennon  instant karma 
psyched up janis  be my baby 
harman's hermits  there's a kind of hush (all over the world) 
bergman rock  jim 
you am i  guys, girls, guitars 
dallas crane  can't work you out 
david & the citizens  everything you'll never see 
gang of four  damaged goods 
refused  live wire 
buddy holly  rave on 
unit 4 + 2  wild is the wind 
beastie boys  hey ladies 
the raveonettes  beat city 
sekiden  alexander [HIDDEN TRACK] 


what kind of xmas mix do you give your brother who only listens to the beatles and top 40 rap? i'm still trying to figure it out...hopefully this mix will finally crack him. (the flash did weird things to the's actually a little less messy than it looks)


p the swede
Date: 12/26/2004
7 swedish acts whoa