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The Boutilier Mixes #54: I'm A Furry, And Damn Proud Of It!

Artist Song
Intro (:17) 
The Evolution Control Comittee  I Want A Cookie (3:42) 
K-OS  Crabbuckitt (3:46) 
The Nutz  Squirrel Power (1:27) 
Kanye West  Jesus Walks (3:15) 
Jakelope  Pretty Life (3:37) 
Sum-41  We're All To Blame (3:40) 
The Trip  Taking Position [LabRat Remix] (4:40) 
Jay-Z  Dirt Off Your Shoulder (4:04) 
I Was A Spy  Still No Mail (3:12) 
The Mars Volta  Son Et Lumiere/Inertiatic ESP (5:58) 
Rathergood  Hippo Girl (3:05) 
Beastie Boys  Right Right Now Now (2:47) 
Throatmotor  Waiting (2:50) 
Snoop Dogg ft. Pharell  Drop It Like It's Hard (4:31) 
The M's  Banishment Of Love (3:26) 
Switchfoot  Meant To Live (3:24) 
The Ramones  I Don't Wanna Grow Up (2:49) 
Thrush Hermit  Patriot (3:12) 
Drone Dimension  You Turn Me (2:15) 
MIA  New Left (:45) 
The Evaporators  Half Empty Halls (1:57) 
The Weakerthans  Diagnosis (2:42) 
Go Home Productions  I Just Wasn't Made For The Backseat Of My Car (The Beach Boys vs. The Beatles) (3:41) 
Alexisonfire  Accidents (4:10) 


Sorry for not updating in a while, dudes and dudettes! So here it is, a whole year after BMix#53: BMix#54:IAF,ADPOI! And once again, it follows the same theme - just a bunch of songs that rocked my world over the last few months or so. And, once again, yes, it's an imbrogliated mishmash of current chart-toppers, a few oldies, happy accidents i stumbled across on the internets and other assorted anomalies. Enjoy, if you can! >:*)~

RUNTIME: 79:18
QUALITY: Excellent, but a few audio balance problems on some tracks.

Personal rating of 5 STARS - just because... ;*)~


jaime b
Date: 12/28/2004
merf? whoa you really are a furry! i thought it was just the title :) sorry i dont know any mp3 hosting site though!
Aladasian The Meerkat
Date: 3/21/2005
Yup, i'm a member of a fringe subculture that seems to be getting more known in recent years by the misconceptions the media and teh_intarnets(tm) has created about us judging from the few idiots who actually opened their mouths and made proclamations about their, erm, recreational activities... >.<"

But i'm not that type of fur - i'm more of an old school type of dude who just wants to hang out and have fun. But lately, it's like the community's being completely overrun by meaningless drama and bullshit. I'd like to avoid it and keep it from setting foot on my doorstep, but it seems as if it's popping up everywhere nowadays. People start fights over the smallest thing and everyone's just shooting off at each other. Plus, the whole "Open Paws" policy that's being used by some furs in the comminuty in an effort to reach out to the SomethingAwful goons and other quasi-trolls/anti-furs to meet us halfway is a total crock of horseshit and a lost cause as far as i'm concerned in my honest opinion.

As for the whole mp3 webhost issue, it's okay, i gave up a while ago... Prolly will never get one unless i fork over the 20-30 some odd bucks (which i never seem to have readily available) for a couple hundred megs on some anonymitical (and sometimes untrustworthy) hosting site... Oh well. Can't win 'em all, i suppose. <:*)~
jaime b
Date: 3/21/2005
don't worry, i'm not anti-fur. my brother's a furry! :) but i do think it is silly. no offense :)
Aladasian The Meerkat
Date: 3/22/2005
Hehe, that's cool that he's a friend of the fur as well... And no offense taken - i knew that your inquiry was in an inquisitive air. :)

And yeah, all the drama does grate on the nerves after a while... I try to avoid it, but it keeps popping up at a lot of places i go on the web. It's best to just completely ignore it and hope it goes away on it's own, but that won't be too soon, i'm afraid.