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when we breathe thru each other's mouths

Artist Song
Jon Auer  All U People 
Saltine  Your Love Won't Be Denied 
Jon Auer  Live it Down [Planta Baja, Granada, 01/24/02] 
Ken Stringfellow  Find Yourself Alone 
Jon Auer  These Times 
Ken Stringfellow  Cyclone Graves 
Jon Auer  You Used to Drive Me Around 
Saltine  Any Sign At All 
Ken Stringfellow  Any Love (Cassandra et Lune) 
Jon Auer  The Perfect Size 
Ken Stringfellow  Sparrow 
Ken Stringfellow  Reveal Love 
Ken Stringfellow  For Your Sake 
Ken Stringfellow & WaFlash  Mappando 
Jon Auer  Green Eyes 
Ken Stringfellow  The Lover's Hymn 
Ken Stringfellow  Any Sign At All 
Ken Stringfellow  Death of a City 
Jon Auer  Gold Star For Robot Boy 
Ken Stringfellow  Here's to the Future 


A mishmash of the two Posies' side and solo projects. Title comes from #18.


Date: 12/31/2004
This looks good.