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The Impatience of a Saint

Artist Song
Wilco  Rhythm (Cars Can't Escape) {YhF outtake} 
Coldplay  The Scientist 
George Harrison  Isn't It a Pity 
Wilco  Venus Stop the Train {YhF outtake} 
MUM  We have a map of the piano 
Sonic Youth  superstar 
Yeah Yeah Yeah's  Maps 
Blues Explosion  you been my baby 
Stereophonics  I miss you now 
Ibrahim Ferrer  silencio 
Mark Lanegan Band  Come to Me (w/PJ Harvey) 
Concrete Blonde  Someday 
Beatles  All I've Got To Do 
Etta James  Sunday kind of Love 
Otis Redding  Try a little Tenderness (live) 
The Clash  every little bit hurts 
Ryan Adams  Hotel Chelsea Nights 
Damien Rice  Woman like a Man 
*The Beatles  Her Majesty 
**Paul McCartney  Can you take me back (White Album outtake) 


Another mix for Heather, my ex whom I made "Isla de Encantada." Don't you hate it when you make a mix for someone, you send it out and then you find a song(s) that you later on find would have gone perfectly on that mix. So then you have to make another mix just because that song is so good.The two songs are Stereophonics and MUM both seen in that movie Wicker Park. The best thing about the film is the music. Anyway, this cd is another in a series unrequited mixes for Heather.