jet ski accidents, falling in love, awkward seconds and firsts, high society moms

Artist Song
dresden dolls  girl anachronism 
dusty springfield  son of a preacherman 
the mules  teenage freak girls 
the adicts  love sucks 
black freighter  my indentured love life 
sleater-kinney  oh! 
the cure  friday i'm in love 
the slits  i heard it through the grapevine 
the runaways  cherry bomb 
dead kennedys  anarchy for sale 
the mekons  last dance 
mia doi todd  last dance 
elysian fields  les amour perdus 
gang of four  i found that essence rare 
the bangs  we want more 
tori amos  bliss 
res  golden boys 
the underwolves  shaken 
animal collective  winter's love 
wolf colonel  jet ski accidents 


"make me a hardcore mix tape!"

neither full of hardcore or a mix tape.


jessica lynn
Date: 1/8/2005
i like this very much, whether it's hardcore or a tape or not.