lowbrow bathrooms, jaded indie rock, sparkly new shoes to shows, peanut butter cups

Artist Song
bikini kill  rebel girl 
dresden dolls  bad habit 
gery farish  finale 
kelis  i hate you so much right now 
the foxes  the princess is the pauper 
the descendents  kabuki girl 
joy division  love will tear us apart 
talking heads  love for sale 
pere ubu  love love love 
death cab for cutie  the new year 
mineral  &serenading 
young sexy assassins  sensation of the horse 
frente!  bizarre love triangle 
john cale  paris 1919 
cocorosie  by your side 
go sailor  together forever in love 
foreign exchange  happiness 
bjork  all is full of love 
modern lovers  modern world 


every girl needs their best friend/partner in crime; someone you get your first tattoo with, someone you would rather make out with at midnight on new years eve than an entire room full of strange boys, someone who takes care of you when you're drunk, and take care of her when drunk. someone who will make you feel better about stupid boys, and let her know how she's too good for all of them. someone you can give pretend romantic mixes to. someone who borders on that line between friend, sister, mother and lover, but takes the best qualities of all of those and synthesizes them. every girl needs a best friend.


Date: 1/2/2005
Great mix and I like the theme about the freindships between women very intimate probably more so than with men. In my writings that's an aspect of women and their infinite complexities that I'm still trying to figure out. I feel it, though the connection with your best friend in the songs you selected for her. It's an amazing mix. (...and you can't go wrong with John Cale)
Date: 11/22/2005
young! sexy! assasins! i miss them very much. looks like a fun mix.