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CD | Theme - Depression
Mini-Disc | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

THE Collection of 2004's Stuff

Side A
Artist Song
killing joke  inside the termite mound 
sisters of mercy  suzanne 
joy division  shadowplay 
notwist  electric bear 
spiritualized  broken heart 
elbow  powder blue 
brian eno  under stars 
brian eno  weightless 
lou reed  the gun 
tori amos  mary 
the doors  my eyes have seen you 
ladytron  miss black 
pulp  monday mornig 
radiohead  no surprises 
stereolab  metronomic underground 
mouse on mars  actionist respoke 
goldfrapp  lovely head 
mercury rev  holes 
mogwai  punk rock 
scott walker  amsterdam 
the Shins  Pink Bullets 
interpol  next exit 
junior senior  Coconuts 
wedding present  why are you being so reasonable now? 
mogwai  hunted by a freak 
Side B
chills  pink frost 
grandaddy  jed the humanoid 
public image ltd  covered 
brian eno  burning airlines give you so much more 
black eyes  a pack of wolves 
neutral milk hotel  two headed boy 
notwist  one step inside doesn't mean you understand 
bauhaus  hollow hills 
pj harvey  thiss mess we're in 
radiohead  kid a 
british sea power  a wooden horse 
radiohead  we suck young blood ( your time is up ) 
radiohead  sit down stand up (snakes & ladders) 
R.E.M.  the one i love 
suede  everything will flow 
pulp  common people 
arab strap  scenery 
m·m  awake on a train 
sigur ros  olsen olsen 


Yeah, this is the collection of my 2004 mixes.
2004 was wonderful year of my music. I pick up lots of Great Band's E.g. New Order, Mirah, British Sea Power, Ladytron, Flying Saucher Attack...and more more more and MORE..Thank You All for inspiration and comments.


Luke Robbins1
Date: 1/8/2005
common people is the best song. Love that interpol tune, a favorite. Nice mix, keep em coming
jed the humanoid
Date: 1/11/2005
in 2004 i thought about getting into new music... then i realised all the new stuff was just ripping off the old stuff, so i listened to the old stuff instead. i got my dad's record player fixed and listened to the smiths, the cure, new order, joy division, echo & the bunnymen, siouxsie & the banshees, lou reed... then i got new cds from my old favourites, bjork, elliott smith... my only new band this year was bright eyes!!! anyway, nice mix, we've a great deal of similar taste. :-)