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Hey There, Fancypants!

Artist Song
Garbage  Cherry Lips 
Beulah  Popular Mechanics for Lovers 
Van Halen  You Really Got me Now 
Sublime  Wrong Way 
The Clash  Train in Vain 
The Shins  Fighting in a Sack 
Velvet Underground  Crimson and Clover 
Hole   Celebrity Skin 
Simon and Garfunkel  The Only Living Boy In New York 
Wheatus  Teenage Dirtbag 
The Streets  Fit But You Know It 
The Ramones  Rock N Roll High School 
Rocky Horror Picture Show  Damnit Janet 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Date With the Night 
Bright Eyes  From A Balance Beam 
Dusty Springfield   Son of a Preacher Man 
Elliott Smith  Fond Farewell 
Metric  Combat Baby 
Beck  Devil's Haircut 
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse in Your Soul 
The Postal Service  We Will Become Silhouettes 


Not really a theme here, mostly just stuff that makes me happy.


Summer Anne Burton
Date: 1/9/2005
birdhouse in your soul was my favorite song when i was in fourth grade.
lipstick vogue
Date: 1/10/2005
hooray for the Simon and Garfunkel, Ramones, and TMBG picks!