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Swing Among the Stars

Artist Song
Frank Sinatra  Fly Me to the Moon (live version) 
featuring Nancy Sinatra  Somethin' Stupid 
Cheek to Cheek 
featuring Count Basie  I Only Have Eyes For You 
For Once in My Life 
It Had to Be You 
Young at Heart 
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 
Three Coins in the Fountain 
Swingin' on a Star 
The Way You Look Tonight 
Send in the Clowns 
All of Me 
Body and Soul 
I Only Have Eyes For You (extended take) 
I'm a Fool to Want You 
My Funny Valentine 
I've Got a Crush on You 
Fly Me to the Moon (studio version) 


My mission: get as many Sinatra songs as I could and make a mix. For this CD's purposes alone, I was only able to procure nineteen tracks. Current favorites: 3, 4, 11, 13, and 19.