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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

to compliment the way i feel today

Artist Song
death cab for cutie  all is full of love 
coldplay  don't panic 
beat happening  foggy eyes 
les savy fav  asleepers union 
mates of state  nice things that look good 
the talking heads  naive melody 
american analog set  weather report 
the cure  doing the unstuck 
enon  white rabbit 
modest mouse  the world at large 
the shins  kissing the lipless 
new amsterdams  when we two parted 
patrick wolf  london 
mirah  after you left 
damien rice  the blowers daughter 
asobi seksu  sooner 
collections of colonies of bees  fun 
beauty pill  i'm just gonna close my eyes 
the weakerthans  left and leaving 
tv on the radio  wear you out 


january-18 style. it fits.