re-collect yourself, mistake making, "i liked you since i first saw you"

Artist Song
liz phair  fuck and run 
teenage fanclub  everything flows 
dresden dolls  girl anachronism 
belly  feed the tree 
gang of four  it's her factory 
dead milkmen  bitchin' camaro 
bete noire  we hung ourselves with studded belts 
liliput  do you mind my dream? 
understones  girls don't like it 
the mules  the what 
y pants  beat it down 
bread & roses  shenadoah 
descendents  i like food 
alsace lorraine  the valley home 
cocorosie  by your side 
res  let love 
underwolves  shaken 
kammerflimmer kollectiv  sie tranken regen 
tanya donnelly  the storm 
philip glass  we can be heroes (aphex twin remix) 
foreign exchange  happiness 
modern lovers  someone i care about 


not subtle enough, and besides, what do you do when everytime you give a mix cd to someone, they can just not mention that they liked the mix but rather they know all the artists on there? i guess the theme is romantic, but at this point it's more i wish he were mine, or if the more i got to know him the more i liked him. who knows what will happen? yet there's always something there, that i like him but can't help it...