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' t - 1 ' -soliton-

Side A
Artist Song
controlled bleeding  part 1 
vidna obmana  4th theme 
liquid zen  blown away 
mount analog  not trying 
higher intelligence  tortoise 
flowchart  sleep disorder 
in the nursery  qui mal 
higher intelligence  spectral 
firing bullits (sic)  rhythm device 
Side B
ingram marshall  gradual requiem 
the azuza plane  strings II 
towns of < 500  short stories 
jhno  jung 
the silverman  silvermandala II 
ras command  slippin' 
fibreforms  gryphons 
lypid  paradigm shift 
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A stand alone work from the afore-posted trilogy, -soliton- mixes 'traditional' ambient; abstract/noise; electronica; and 2 house tracks. Fresh, hand picked astral soundscapes are blended and sequenced so that no one track accelerates the established pacing more than 2 degrees. The 'Controlled Bleeding' and 'In the Nursery' contributions aren't anything like the Techno pieces with which I've associated them. And new appearances by 'Towns of Less than 500', 'Ras Command' and 'Higher Intelligence' really contribute both to the diversity and the oneness of this mix. 'Liquid Zen' sounds like a forgotten Floyd track from Division Bell (would that the Pink ones deliver like this their next shot outta' the box !). A solitary wave that plays like a fractured lullaby. ~;-p
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Date: 1/8/2001
hmm...gotta collect 'em all... ;>
Date: 1/26/2001
Yo bro! Thanx for sending the tape...this IS a cool site. It's been a while since we cranked out the P.H.A.C series ('all those years ago'-pipes in George Harrison, when he's not busy being stabbed). This mix ROCKS, ambiently speaking, that is. Towns of < 500 is a cool band. Lemmee' know when you & Jo will be up PHAC Studios way...we'll have wipe the cobwebs off the mixer.
avant gardening
Date: 4/24/2004
nice, i love the mount analog, azusa plane, flowchart and higher intelligence agency picks, the others i don't know...and i had to go this far back in your mix catalog to find something i was fairly familiar with, excellent.