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Sex, Lies and MixedTapes

Artist Song
Cat Power  I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) 
The Faint  Desperate Guys 
Pulp  This is HardCore 
Erase Errata  The White Horse is Bucking 
Ill Lit  Diner Girls 
The Cure   Love Cats 
Hard Place  Man From Detroit 
The Makers  Hot Kiss 
Chix on Speed  Warm Leatherette 
PJ Harvey  Rub 'til it Bleeds 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Spread Your Love 
The Kills  Black Rooster 
Drive By Truckers  Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus 
Pixies  Hey 
L7  ShitList 
PJ Harvey  This is Love 
Peaches   Diddle my Skittle 
McClusky  To Hell With Good Intentions 
Moldy Peaches  Dowloading Porn w/ Davo 
The Gossip  Fire Sign 
!!!  Kings Weed 



Date: 1/28/2005
The best PJ Harvey songs. I love The Makers.
boss cherry
Date: 1/29/2005
i dig this with shovel!