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Darker Metal / Pop Mix for sad people.

Side A
Artist Song
Cradle of Filth  Bathory Aria 
Tristania  Pale Enchantress 
Placebo  Without you I'm nothing 
Kittie  Paperdoll 
Marilyn Manson  User Friendly 
Sisters of Mercy  Black Planet 
Vampire the Masqerade  Malkavian Insight 
Sisters of Mercy  Comfortably Numb 
Side B
Katatonia  Scarlett Heavens 
Goblin  Suspiria 
Burzum  Dunkelheit (sux, but fits) 
Lori the HIFi Princess  Refused Entry 
Rammstein  Semann 
Cradle of Filth  A Gothic Romance 
Tristania  Beyond The Veil 
Placebo  Every You Every Me 


For the ones that doesen't want bo be cheered up..
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Shane Brown
Date: 1/8/2001
I am SO AMAZED At this mix! I wanna know what the Vampire the masqerade track is? First time I have ever seen Cradle mixed with softer gothic stuff - It works so well its incredible!
Lars Ericsson
Date: 1/10/2001
Well, that's how I listen to music anyway. I can't stand that speed, black Metal for too long, then It's really good to mix it with Tistania, who keeps the darker patterns, but at half the speed. Anyway, I don't know wuch about that Vampire the Masquerade song, I Just borrowed a tape and he told me that it was Vampire the Masquerade and she is a real, and I meen a real master of musical knowhow when It comes to Metal.. But I am very pleased that you liked my mix, just a copy of one of my tapes.