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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

If You Steal This Car, Please Don't Steal This Tape

Side A
Artist Song
the dismemberment plan  gyroscope 
avail  new #2 
avoid one thing  yakisoba 
breaking pangaea  the last 
zero zero  true zero 
alkaline trio  trouble breathing 
criteria  play on words 
the new amsterdams  from california 
the broadways  25 degrees north 
all american rejects  drive away 
red hot valentines  wait for summer 
the weakerthans  plea from a cat named virtue 
the cardinal sin  demo #2 
kind of like spitting  robi point, stars above 
Side B
the faint  sex is personal 
cursive  some red handed sleight of hand 
my chemical romance  honey this mirror isnt big enough 
cadillac blindside  true and cold 
reggie and the full effect  your bleedin heart 
plain white t's  cell phone # 
crumb  tonight 
saves the day  at your funeral 
bright eyes  the city has sex 
respira  the least self-destructive self-destructive thing you could do 
the wunder years  i know some heroes 
small brown bike  this ship will burn 


once upon a time...my friend got his car stolen. they eventually found it and absolutely everything was inside except for all of his cassettes (including a bunch of mix tapes i had made him in the past)

he had no music to listen to in his car since all of his tapes were stolen, so i made him this one. it was more of a collection of songs that i knew he loved...and good driving music.


Date: 2/1/2005
[Sorry i have to steal this tape, this is cool]
Date: 2/23/2005
Oh, this is a great mix! Love the MCR and the Saves the Day...and that Weakerthans song is probably my favorite by them.