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Just Gimme Indie Rock Vol. 1

Side A
Artist Song
Dismemberment Plan  The City 
Superchunk  Animated Airplanes Over Germany 
Sonic Youth  Skip Tracer 
Pavement  Gold Soundz 
Blonde Redhead  Symphony Of Treble 
Polvo  Fast Canoe 
And you Will Know us by the Trail of Dead  Mistakes & Regrets 
The Dambuilders  Smell 
REM   Leave 
Dinosaur Jr  Puke and Cry 
Versus  yeah You 
Morphine  Candy 
The Pixies  Alec Eiffle 
NOFX  Soul Doubt 
Yo La Tengo  Sugarcube 
Wesley Willis  He's Doing Time in Jail 
The Clash  Straight to Hell 
The Sundays  Skin & Bones 
The Cure  Lullaby 
Quicksand  Dine Alone 
My Bloody Valentine  when you wake (you're still in a dream) 
Submerge  East, Meet West 
elvis Costello  Watching the Detectives 
Didjits  Agent 99 
Side B
Modest Mouse  Dramamine 
Radiohead  Morning Bell 
Archers of Loaf  Harnessed In Slums 
Versus  Underground 
Unwound  Kantina 
Butterglory  Edward Brown 
They Might be Giants  Ana Ng 
Death Cab for Cutie  Song For Kelly Huckaby 
Superchunk  The Popular Music 
Sebadoh  Brand New Love 
Cat Power  Crossbones Style 
Sonic Youth  Sunday 
One Line Drawing  Got my list 
J Mascis  The boy with the thorn in his side (acoustic) 
Belle & Sebastian  Sleep the Clock Around 
Girls against Boys  Disco 666 
Sleater-Kinney  banned from the edge of the world 
The Lemonheads  Hannah & Gabi 
Dead Milkmen  Right Wing Pigeons from outer space 
Fugazi  Break 
Superchunk  Tower 
The Police  Canary in a Coalmine 
Six finger satellite  Bad Aptitude 
Chrome  TV as Eyes 



Date: 1/9/2001
you've got some really wonderful things on here. hurrah.
Stephen Royce
Date: 1/9/2001
Do they make tapes longer than 90 minutes? I bet NOFX into Yo La Tengo sounds pretty good.
Date: 1/9/2001
Yes, they make 120 minute tapes...:) And yes, regardless of how funny that may sound, NOFX into YLT is kinda cool ;)
Date: 1/11/2001
blessed indie rock. Heard the new Stephen Malkmus incidentally, anyone?
Date: 1/11/2001
Nope, not yet but I am DYING to...I saw one single from it already on ebay for like $45 buckaroos...I don't think it's out on Matador till like that right??
Date: 2/5/2001
indeed, this is one of the best mixes i've seen on here. lotta my favorites, particularly The City, Skip Tracer, Straight To Hell, Dramamine, Morning Bell, Break, Ana Ng, etc. kudos! why don't you have more mixes archived here?
Neil Coons
Date: 4/21/2001
the city, gold soundz, dramamine, harnessed in slums... damn. people who use gold soundz on mix tapes are cool.
Lissa Crayon
Date: 7/9/2001
definitely a lot of fun. the sort of mix you can put on at a party, and receive little to no complaints.
Date: 7/19/2001
I dig this one the most