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Artist Song
Maroon 5  Ragdoll 
Butterfly Boucher  Never Leave Your Heart Alone 
Copeland  Coffee 
Ryan Adams  Touch, Feel & Lose 
Modest Mouse  Float On 
Nine Inch Nails  I Do Not Want This 
Jump, Little Children  Habit 
Heather Headley  I Wish I Wasn't 
Van Morrison  These Dreams of You 
Wheat  Don't I Hold You 
Texas  Telephone X 
I Am Kloot  Over My Shoulder 
22-20s  Why Don't You Do It For Me? 
Coldplay  We Never Change 
Halloween, Alaska  All the Arms Around You 
Barenaked Ladies  Enid 
Radiohead  Creep 
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers  Don't Come Around Here No More 


The picture has nothing to do with the mix. I didn't date Ryan Seacrest so there is no way for me to have the inevitable Seacrest aftermath mix cd. But it's a cookie! Of Ryan Seacrest! Cookies heal the boy-damaged soul.

By the by, if you haven't, make sure you give a listen to 22-20s. They rock.


Date: 10/6/2005
I've never been able to get behind Ryan Adams, + it bothers me. But the BNL song is an oft overlooked gem of a song. + the Ryan Seacrest cookie is absolutely priceless. "The world is being Fed-exed to hell in a handbasket." Need more proof? The guy that said that named his new baby boy Kal-el, after Superman. Out.