Did I do it right?

Artist Song
Screeching Weasel  Hey Suburbia 
Robert Johnson  Sweet Home Chicago 
The Lawrence Arms  Here Comes the Neighborhood 
Secret Agent Bill  Invincibility 
PAL  Your City Here 
Big Black  L Dopa 
Blue Meanies  The Great Peacemaker 
Apocalypse Hoboken  Pulling Worms Apart 
Slapstick  74 Fullerton 
Deal's Gone Bad  In the Land Where No One Walks 
The Honor System  Muffled by Concrete 
Sarge  Smoke 
The Smoking Popes  Down the Street 
Lupine  Wee-Ooh 
The Ponys  Trouble Trouble 
Oblivion  Bob and Weave 
Naked Raygun  Got Hurt 
The Arrivals  The Barter 
The Traitors  Shaking Hands With the Unemployed 
Mary Tyler Morphine  Iron City 
The Tossers  Chicago 
Liam Idiot  Demon Blues 
The Broadways  Restless 
Alkaline Trio  I'm Dying Tomorrow 
The Minus Five  The Night Chicago Died Again 
Merle Haggard  Sidewalks of Chicago 


I'm leaving Chicago after living there on and off for four and a half years, and I'm also writing a zine about it. This is a soundtrack to my time there, as well as most of the bands/artists being from the Chicago area. Title comes from the Alkaline Trio song.