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all that stupid old shit (a valentine's mix)

Artist Song
the microphones  karl blau 
liz phair  fuck and run 
the dirty projectors  tour along the potomac 
frankie lymon & the teenagers  why do fools fall in love? 
stevie wonder  don't you worry 'bout a thing 
david byrne  like humans do 
13+god  men of station 
carole king  will you love me tomorrow? 
rufus wainwright  a bit of you 
the woes  that's all, goodnight 
serge gainsbourg & jane birkin  je t' non plus 
clem snide  joan jett of arc 
masters of the hemisphere  everybody knows canada 
the new pornographers  the laws have changed 
chingon  malaguena salerosa 
joe cuba  el pito 
the replacements  androgynous 
chet baker  my funny valentine 
optiganally yours  geppetto 
vincent gallo  i wrote this song for the girl paris hilton 
antony and the johnsons  hope there's someone 


for my best friend, on the occasion of valentine's day, and to help ease the pain that has been the music scene lately. actually, a surprising number of these songs are brand new (numbers 3, 7, 10, and 21 to be exact). some classic love tunes to pay homage to the holiday as well. this mix is unique for its extensive liner notes (much too long to reproduce here). i'll boil them down: glitch operas should not be made about don henley, track 4 is the greatest accomplishment by a 12 year old ever, i would like to watch tv high with david byrne, new pornographers=jolly rancher lollipops, and vincent gallo is a bastard.


Date: 2/11/2005
Love the Stevie Wonder tune.
Date: 2/11/2005
i havent listened yet; i just got home. it's probably good though.