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Working Hard

Artist Song
Devo  Working In A Coal Mine (Theme) 
Michael Giaccino  Off To Work (Commute) 
Cibo Matto  Working for Vacation (Single) (Arrival) 
The Vapors  Waiting For The Weekend (Slacking Off) 
King Missile  Take Stuff From Work (Realization that Work Sucks) 
Belle & Sebastian  Step Into My Office, Baby (Sexual Harrasment) 
Talking Heads  A Clean Break (Let's Work) (Trying To Get Over It) 
The Creation  Work All Day (Sleep All Night) (Getting In A Rut) 
The Flaming Lips  When Yer Twenty Two (Burnout) 
Jack Beaver  Work-A-Day World (Interlude) 
Wall of Voodoo  Two Minutes Till Lunch (Stress) 
Dead Kennedys  Take This Job And Shove It (Breakdown!!) 
David Byrne  Big Business (The Job Search) 
OCCUPANT  Work/Play (Something Better) 
"Weird Al" Yankovic  Dog Eat Dog (Hired!) 
POLYSICS  I'm A Worker (Contentment) 
They Might Be Giants  Working Undercover For The Man (End Credits) 


This started as just a general work mix, but I figured a way to impose a narrative structure on it. I think it works.
Our Story:
Bob is a guy with a job. It's an alright job, nothing fancy. He doesn't like it much, he's just Working For Vacation. While he works, he fantasizes about his girlfriend, Connie, Waiting For The Weekend to see her. To compensate for his low pay and appalling working conditions, he decides to Take Stuff From Work. However, trouble comes when his boss says to "Step Into My Office, Baby".

Turns out, Bob's boss Valarie isn't happy with Bob's performance and office supply theft. She's willing to overlook his transgressions, however, if he sleeps with her. Devoted to Connie, however, Bob refuses. He wants to make A Clean Break with his job, but he knows he can't find anything better right now.

Valarie, feeling jilted, doubles Bob's workload, He has to Work All Day. He begins to feel burnt out. Riding on black coffee and stale donuts, his life at work is just plain hell. He thinks, well, that's what life is like When Yer Twenty Two. It's a Work-A-Day World, and he's stuck.

The agony of his job begins to build. Finally, one day, it was Two Minutes Till Lunch and Bob is anxious to take a break. When Valarie comes into assign more work, he flips out and screams, "Take This Job And Shove It!". He quits! He's free! First thing he does, now that he's free, is scans the classified ads for a new job at some Big Business and have a life of Work/Play

He knows its a Dog Eat Dog world out there, but he manages to find a job in a nice office. Low workload, nice co-workers, coffee mug with his name on it, and a private cube... and a boost in pay! All is well that ends well, and Bob relaxes at his new job, thinking "I'm A Worker... not too bad!"
Track Details

Bonus Track From "New Traditionalists", 1981 (1996 CD Release)
From "The Incredibles" Soundtrack, 2004
From "Stereo Type A", 1999
Bonus Track From "New Clear Days", 1980 (2000 CD Release)
From "Fluting On The Hump"EP, 1987 (appears as Bonus Tracks on "Mystical Shit" CD, 1990)
From "Dear Catastrophe Waitress", 2003
From "The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads", 1982 (2004 CD Release)
Bonus Track From "We Are Paintermen", 1967 (2002 CD Release)
From "Transmissions From The Satellite Heart", 1993
Appears on "Music For TV Dinners", 1997
From "Dark Continent", 1981
From "Bedtime For Democracy", 1986
From "The Catherine Wheel, 1981
From "2001: A Space OCCUPANCY", 2001
Appears on "Permanent Record: Al In The Box (Disc 2)", 1994
From "Neu", 2000
From "Mink Car", 2001


Date: 2/11/2005
Excellent notes on this mix, well-constructed mix. I'm particularly a fan of 6, 9, and 17.
Date: 2/13/2005
Nice one Rich A..., especially appreciate the Creation inclusion.(Nice segue into the Lips, too.)
Date: 2/13/2005
PS good to see you back here...
Date: 2/13/2005
22 and burntout eh? Wonderful mix. I'm with Valis on the Creation -> Flaming Lips bit.
Rich Anderson
Date: 2/14/2005
Thanks for the feedback! I've got a few more mixes to post fairly soon, too.