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CD | Theme - Depression


Artist Song
pearl jam  sometimes 
blonde redhead  loved despite great faults 
radiohead  a reminder 
pj harvey & jon parish  that was my veil 
chokebore   the sweetness 
kristin hersh  teeth 
cat power  he turns down 
calla  love of ivah 
lowercase  floodlit 
velvet underground  pale blue eyes 
sparklehorse  wish you were here 
radiohead  lozenge of love 
kristin hersh  panic pure 
blonde redhead  chi e e non e  
chokebore  days of nothing 
blonde redhead  hated because of great qulaities 
john  darling, you're the man 
radiohead  you never wash up after yourself 


sometimes i'm this pathetic and all that helps is wallowing in it until i'm so sick of it that it finally goes away