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the flaming lips  do you realize? 
travis  flowers in the window 
interpol  say hello to the angels 
versus  morning glory 
the weakerthans  the reasons 
the cure  halo 
modest mouse  so much beauty in dirt 
pavement  spit on a stranger 
vast  don't take your love away 
bright eyes  first day of my life 
the decemberists  we both go down together 
cake  where would i be? 
the american analog set  punk as fuck 
coldplay  easy to please 
death cab for cutie  passenger seat 
cat power  i found a reason (velvet underground cover) 
iron & wine  promise what you will 
the reindeer section  i'll be here when you wake 
sun kil moon  floating 
the shins  new slang 
the get up kids  valentine 


for my boyfriend on valentine's day. this is a mix of bands i know he likes and bands i hope he'll like, but all the songs say something that i mean. this was hard to make because there are a million other lovesongs i wanted to put on this, but i've already put them on the other cds i've made him. overall, the mix is kind of all over the place, but it came together pretty well.