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DC Trippin'

Artist Song
Jonny Cohen & Pete  Washington, DC 
Aden  Smiles and Frowns (Rough Mix) 
Hot Pursuit  Number One 
Flin Flon  Floods 
Versus  Deseret 
Tuscadero  Hollywood Handsome 
Rondelles, The  Please Shut Up 
Flin Flon  Leadin Tickles 
Versus  That Girl's Gone 
Tuscadero  Boys Don't Cry (a Cure Cover) 
Bloc Party  Little Thoughts 
Radio 4  Absolute Affirmation 
mommy and daddy  i mean, could he buy me this 
call me lighting  pizza party 
Les Georges Leningrad  Georges V 
Tuscadero  Angel In A Half Shirt 
Aden  Pop Song 
Versus  I Love The WB 
Tuscadero  Nancy Drew 
eyes like knives  like a ghost 
Watching Tomorrow Burn  Only For Your Eyes 
The Static Age  Amphibian 
Versus  Frog 


Hello all!! It's been a while and re-emerging with a road tripper!! i am gearing up for the spring tour season as well as the Teenbeat Anniversary show in DC next week!! So, yeah 600 mi. road trip, and i am so ready! peace out, kids!!