The Best of 2002 (According to Jake) - Disc 7 of 8

Artist Song
TTlTpopmusik  Breathe 
Ladytron  Flicking Your Switch 
Snoop Dogg  Beautiful 
Cornelius  Drop 
J-Live  Satisfied 
Ours  In a Minute 
The Rogers Sisters  Zero Point 
Sleater-Kinney  Oh! 
The Decemberists  July, July! 
Lambchop  D. Scott Parsley 
Doug Martsch  Jesus 
McLusky  To Hell with Good Intentions 
Interpol  PDA 
M·m  We Have a Map of the Piano 
The Delgados  The Light before We Land 
John Vanderslice  Me and My 424 
Phantom Planet  California 
The Mountain Goats  No Children 
Tom Waits  Alice 
The Mates of State  Halves and Have Nots 


The Best Songs from the Best Albums of 2002 ... Disc Seven of Eight