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The Elliott Smith Tribute CD (2004) [MP3s for Download]

Artist Song
Grant Buell  Between the Bars  
Joel Martin  Fond Farewell  
The Harmony Motel  Shooting Star  
Manu  Big Decision  
David Ragland  Clementine  
Christopher Bauer  Somebody's Baby (Twilight)  
Dylan Travis  Condor Ave.  
Waves  King's Crossing  
Tenlons Fort & Joe Cordi  True Love  
Nick Leger  Tomorrow Tomorrow  
Charlie Ramirez  Brand New Game  
Use Any Door  Let's Get Lost  
Chris Hallbeck  Christian Brothers  
Trappers Cabin  Rose Parade  
John Skelley & Paul Rohde  I Better Be Quiet Now  
The Radio Playing  Memory Lane  
James Miles  Hanging Out With Me  
Chris Reynolds  Strung Out Again  
Mark Martucci  Waltz No. 2  
Irving Kat  Punch and Judy  
Silent Kid  Little One  


The Elliott Smith Tribute CD Notes.txtTo download tracks, right-click the song titles and hit "Save Target As..."This is a collection of covers recorded by fans of Elliott Smith in the year after he passed away. Though I did not initiate the project, I took over at a certain point and came up with the tracklist. If you like it, I recommend that you make a charitable donation to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund which goes to aid abused children. Thanks!


Date: 4/16/2005
I'm really suprised no one has had any thing to say about this mix its fantastic! Kudos for putting together a mix of great covers!
vic demise
Date: 3/22/2007
I have yet to listen- well, I peeked a little, but I spend my free time decrypting and practicing Elliott's songs, and allthough I'm a little wary of hearing ANYONE ELSE perform his stuff- he was such an incredible songwriter, it would be hard to make one of his songs sound bad. As soon as I listen, I'll try'n get back here and leave some in-depth analysis. (Drop by)
vic demise
Date: 3/22/2007
Sorry to say, now that I've given it a listen, and with all due respect and appreciation for the work all these artists put into this tribute album- uhhh..not so good. The one exception being the last cut by Silent Kid (you might want to grab this one-it's pleasant)Also, some respectable harmony work on Rose Parade (a song that always screamed for harmonies)and Tomorrow Tomorrow (the vocals actually have an E.S.-like quality!) Strung Out Again tweren't too bad (some solid drumming), but all said and done, I did A LOT of serious cringing, which, if nothing more, left me with a MUCH stronger appreciation for the work of Elliott Smith (and I don't mean that in a good way). Appologies to anyone this may have offended. -Vic Demise
Thanks for the review. I can't really agree with you, of course. I'm not holding it to the standard of Elliott Smith, though. This is a group of fans, some professional musicians and some not, who created a heartfelt tribute that I feel holds up to the professional Elliott Smith tribute albums that I have collected. Listening to it with the context that this was the response that these fans gave so soon after the loss of their favorite musician imbues it with something really special for me. Sure, it'd be easy for me to pick apart the technical deficiencies of the recordings, just like it'd be easy to criticize Elliott for his many uneven live performances, but I prefer to focus on the emotional impact rather than the technical efficiency.
Date: 4/5/2007
I agree wholeheartedly about the context of this mix it is a tribute to a recently (when made) artist who had passed. It is a messy love letter from fans, not a pitch perfect tribute and is the better for it!