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CD | Theme - Break Up

Lovers need lawyers

Artist Song
The good life  Notes in his pockets 
Basement Jaxx Featuring Lisa Kekaul  Good luck 
The Smiths  Big mouth strikes again 
Cursive  Driftwood 
Murder by death  That crown don't make you a prince 
Daft punk  Digital Love 
Weezer  No other one 
Gang of four  Damaged goods 
Bright eyes  You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. 
Tilly and the wall  I always knew 
Elliot Smith  Cupid's Trick 
Commander Venus  My other car is a spaceship 
Q and not U  Collecting Diamonds 
Mewithoutyou  Four Letter word 
Mewithoutyou  Four letter word pt.2 
Belle and Sebastian  You don't send me 
The good life  Lovers need Lawyers 


For when they swear to god that they wern't cheating on you.


Date: 2/20/2005
I am Sorry about the cheating... But...Hey at least we all got a good mix out of it. Love the Mewithoutyou and bright eyes tracks. Smile you done good