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Cassette | Theme - Depression

Musical History Mystery tuor

Side A
Artist Song
Sebadoh  The Freed Pig 
Sebadoh  Total Peace 
Sebadoh  Truely Great Thing 
The Phantom Payne  Trouble With Ghosts 
Porcupine Tree  Cloud Zero 
Porcupine Tree  The Joke's on You 
Porcupine Tree  Navigator 
S.Balachander/Sivaraman  Karpagame(a raga) 
MU (w.Jeff Cotton)  Mumbella Bayetula 
Captain Beefheart's Magic Band  Flower Pot 
Silver Apples  Oscillations 
Pram  Loose Threads 
Side B
Stereolab  Harmonium 
CAN  Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne(BBC) 
Fall  M5 #1 
Wire   Mr.Suit 
Wire  Three Girl Rumba 
Minutemen  Vietnam 
Minutemen  The Big Foist 
Minutemen  Two Beads at The End 
Husker Du  Powerline 
Bob Mould  Stop Your Crying 
Richard Thompson  Don't Renege On Our Love 
Nick Drake  things Behind The Sun 


An older mix again....a sort of flow of influence mix. Side A has a "raga" that seemed to be influencial on Capt.Beefheart,and my mind just flowed to the Silver apples ,and beyond! I felt it was strange that Husker Du was influenced by R.Thompson...only evidenced after they split on B.Mould's solos.
Another 100 minute job-er!


baron von chicken pants
Date: 3/4/2005
great wire picks.