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Cassette | Theme - Depression

Anti-depression Mantras(song cycle)

Side A
Artist Song
Daevid Allen  Dear Friends(Kraemer mixed version) 
Robert Wyatt  Yesterday Man 
Bevis Frond  Timothy's Powders 
Adrian Belew  This Is What I Believe In 
Nick Drake  River Man 
Kevin Ayers  Lady Rachel 
Sylvian/Fripp  Wave 
Nick Drake   Pink Moon 
Side B
Porcupine Tree  Piano Lessons 
Sylvian/Fripp  Brightness Falls 
Bevis Frond  Hole Song #2 
Adrian Belew  Big Blue Sun 
David Sylvian  Brilliant Trees 
Sylvian/Fripp  The First Day 


I did this mix as an uplifting device for a friend that felt down.It is meant to be a cycle of songs that flow (meditatively)from uplifting to slightly "down"(like life),and ends with a hopeful set of songs. I keep "Dear Friends" in my mind at times as a personal mantra when I feel down.
60 minute cassette...good for a CD-R too.


Date: 3/3/2005
This would certainly elevate my mood. Good stuff