A Hipsters Guide to the New Millenium

Side A
Artist Song
Starlight Mints  Submarine #3 
Bella Vista  Was the Last 
Magnetic Fields  Papa was a Rodeo 
Lucksmiths  Guess How Much I Love You 
The Crabs  Market Size 
Rainer Maria  Hell and High Water 
The Make Up  Hey Orpheus! 
Low  Two Step 
Nick Drake  One of These Things First 
Girlfriendo  Make Up 
The Softies  Sixteen Months 
Field Mice  Willow 
Holiday Flyer  Roll Those Eyes Over Here 
Skypark  Secret Hideaway 
Side B
Belle and Sebastian  Lazy Line Painter Jane 
The Aisler's Set  The Red Door 
The Moonlings  Let's Sell All Our Records and Move Somewhere Else 
Pavement  Shady Lane 
Wolfie  lkat me 
Autocollants  We Can't Have It All 
#Poundsign#  Disaster 
Orange Cake Mix (after Carly Simon)  Anticipation 
Holiday  You've Got Nothing 
Heavenly  Orange Courderoy Dress 
The Orange Peels  She is Like a Rose 
p.e.e.  Turn Key One 
Le Tigre  TheTheEmpty 
Versus  Thera 
The Fairways  Get It Right 
Apples in Stereo  Tin Pan Alley 


This is one of two tapes I made for a girl I fancy. The other one is obnoxiously crushy however, and we aren't at a point in our relationship where I can safely give it to her. So I gave her this instead.


Stephen Royce
Date: 1/17/2001
Hey, where does that moonlings song come from? Are they still around?
Brandt Fundak1
Date: 1/17/2001
The Moonlings song is from a Motorway 7" called "How embarrassing to Dance Like That." They do and don't still exist. They are now known as Bella Vista.
jaime b
Date: 10/10/2001
hey - a look at more of your mixes reveals a superb taste in music! ahhh.. want to do a mix trade sometime??
Date: 1/8/2002
Starlight Mints!!! perfect.
Date: 1/9/2002
Hey, the Mints and the Make-up! Damn fine mix...how can she say no?!
buffalosound ensemble
Date: 1/31/2002
Apples In Stereo, The Field Mice and Candlelight Records finest, The Lucksmiths. A fine taste in music. It is a rare commodity. Cheers.