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I Tried to Change, But I Changed My Mind

Artist Song
Velvet Underground  Sunday Morning 
Air  Sexy Boy 
Iron and Wine  Naked As We Came 
Fountains of Wayne  Mexican Wine 
Rilo Kiley  Portions for Foxes 
They Might Be Giants  Anna Ng 
Wilco  Hummingbird 
Belly  Feed the Tree 
Soundtrack of Our Lives  Sister Surround 
Watoo Watoo  The Golden Castle 
Belle and Sebastian  Step Into My Office, Baby 
Ben Folds Five  The Battle of Who Could Care Less 
the Shins  Know Your Onion! 
the Postal Service  We Will Become Silhouettes 
Sondre Lerche  You Know So Well 
Beck  Lazy Flies 
the Thrills  Big Sur 
the Jason and Jillian Band  Did You Know 
Sugar  If I Can't Change Your Mind 
Nerf Herder  Nosering Girl 
the Ramones  Rockaway Beach 


My friend Bronwen and I are too poor to buy new CDs, yet we are both desperately in need of new music. So we're doing a trade, which is now possible as I have working CDs again. This is disc one of three. Thanks to Zach, Abs, and Charles. Title from Fountains of Wayne.


Concrete Kitty
Date: 3/7/2005
I was just thinking of putting that Rilo Kiley song on a mix, thats a great intro to TMBG. Me likes the thrills, ramones,and air too.
Date: 3/7/2005
it's fun when I'm mentioned as contributing to something and have NO clue what I gave! hah. great mix, as always. :)
Date: 3/8/2005
excellent as ever alyssa. haven't heard that sugar track in ages. i'd definitely take my hat off when i'm talkin' to you.
Date: 3/8/2005
Nice one.
Date: 3/8/2005
Nice. Watoo Watoo are a great band that aren't seen too often on mixes.
Date: 3/8/2005
WOW! Plenty to enjoy on this one! And you are welcome!