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getting a job, watching the knicks win, and other brief moments of happiness.

Artist Song
hepcat  earthquake and fire 
crooked fingers  weary arms 
jem  finally woken 
kahimi karie  sllep walking (grand popo football club mix) 
yeast  chocolate 
shudder to think  take the child 
stephen lynch  for the ladies 
peaches  fuck the pain away 
mary prankster  tits and whiskey 
nina hagen  flying saucers 
veruca salt  spiderman '79 
david bowie  the man who sold the world 
veruca salt  forsythia 
the go go's  you can't walk in your sleep (if you can't sleep) 
descendents  coolidge 
the slits  ping pong affair 
descendents  cheer 
the go go's  skidmarks on my heart 
the donnas  you have no pride 
raffi  banana phone (the sped up chipmunk version you should listen to on a loop over and over and over) 


you listen to this when you drive and you like it!


Date: 3/8/2005
cellular, modular, interactive-odular! make sure you roll your windows down and turn the volume up while fuck the pain away is playing <3
Date: 3/9/2005
not the knicks!!!!! nice mix though!