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Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ

Every Dream Is Just A Dream After All

Artist Song
Garbage  #1 Crush 
Heather Nova  Paper Cup 
Sheryl Crow  Sad Sad World 
Azure Ray  Sleep 
Vanessa Carlton  White Houses 
Jewel  Near You Always 
Bonnie Raitt  I Can't Make You Love Me 
Amanda Marshall  Why Don't You Love Me? 
The Killers  Mr. Brightside 
Ani DiFranco  Untouchable Face 
Conjure One  Tears From The Moon 
Dar Williams  Road Buddy 
From Autumn To Ashes  Autumns Monologue 
Alicia Keys  Fallin' 
Pat Benatar  Fire and Ice 
James Marsters  Rest In Peace 
Saliva  Rest In Pieces 
Plain White Ts  A Lonely September 
Dido  White Flag 
Julia Stiles  Ten Things I Hate About You Monologue 


Soundtrack for a relationship best forgotten..

Every Dream Is Just a Dream After All

01) Garbage - #1 Crush
Why: Well, this one is obvious. Kinda the theme of the whole mix. Plus, we both like the band.

02) Heather Nova - Paper Cup
Why: At the first DragonCon we went to, I had so much fun that I wanted the nights to go on forever, but a part of me still knew that the good times wouldn't last.

03) Sheryl Crow - Sad Sad World
Why: After that same DragonCon, we both said some stupid stuff and eventually had a falling out that led to `The Bitter Period' as he calls it.

04) Azure Ray - Sleep
Why: Eventually things got better, but there were still things I wanted to say to him that I knew I couldn't or was too afraid to. I used to listen to this song a lot while lying in bed at night during that period of time.

05) Vanessa Carlton - White Houses
Why: Later, he asked me to move to Philadelphia and be his roommate.

06) Jewel - Near You Always
Why: The first few weeks of being his roommate, things were really good.. But weird. It felt like we were flirting, but I knew that he had a girlfriend. I kept wanting him to stop making me feel that way, to stop looking at me like that and yet I wanted him near me.

07) Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me
Why: Also, during those first few weeks, we shared a bed because mine couldn't be delivered to the apartment yet. So, I would lay beside him and feel things I knew that he didn't.

08) Amanda Marshall - Why Don't You Love Me?
Why: Eventually, the newness of my being there wore off and we went back to just being friends, I guess. There was also this distance and even if we were in the same room, it felt like he was always thinking of something else.

09) The Killers - Mr. Brightside
Why: Then his girlfriend came for a week long visit and it nearly drove me insane with stupid jealousy.

10) Ani DiFranco - Untouchable Face
Why: More angsty musing on his girlfriend visiting..

11) Conjure One - Tears From The Moon
Why: During this time, I used to lay in bed and wonder why I couldn't let these thoughts go and why it wasn't as easy as it should be to forget him.

12) Dar Williams - Road Buddy
Why: After a while, I had to accept that maybe moving in with him was a bad idea. Before I came to Philadelphia, I thought it would be just one big party but then I got here and it was too hard to live with him and our games got more annoying.

13) From Autumn To Ashes - Autumns Monologue
Why: Just another angsty song about unrequited love..

14) Alicia Keys - Fallin'
Why: Pleasure and pain, yep, got both of those in spades. But you know, even when I think I'll just walk away from this he does something and I start to feel things all over again..

15) Pat Benatar - Fire and Ice
Why: ..but I know he's just playing with me...

16) James Marsters - Rest In Peace
Why: I start to get annoyed and angry all over again, just wanting him to stop with the games already.

17) Saliva - Rest In Pieces
Why: This is like song #16, but more bittersweet than angry, because I could never stay angry with him anyway.

18) Plain White Ts - A Lonely September
Why: When I think back on everything that we've gone through, I can't help thinking (okay, maybe its just wishful thinking) that some part of him did love me at some point. Yeah, like I said, probably just wishful thinking..

19) Dido - White Flag
Why: I guess, I'll never stop loving him. Even if I can only do it from afar. Never surrender the dream, that's my motto.

20) Julia Stiles - Ten Things I Hate About You Monologue
Why: I've tried to hate him in the past, or at least to not like him as much as I do, but in the end I just hate the way that I don't hate him, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. Plus, it was the first movie we ever watched together.


bungeeless jumper
Date: 3/15/2005
if you're still living with him,get out of that place.please,do it for yourself,i know the situation so so well and the longer you stay,the more bitter it gets...the music is beautiful but the story just sounded so familiar...
Music is My Radar
Date: 3/16/2005
This guy seems like a real wanker ! Probably best he be left curbside along with various other detritus. Perhaps you can start forgetting about this Tool of the Day at the Khyber (Philly's venerable old bar) which has the best music jukebox I've ever seen !! Best of luck to you.