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CD | Theme - Break Up


Artist Song
arson welles  wash my hands 
tora! tora! torrance!  another drink to your health 
tin porter  shiver (pt. 2) 
dwindle  save for future use 
lifter puller  slips backwards 
the replacements  swingin party 
babes in toyland  hello 
kentucky gag order  pistols. dawn. its on. 
the blue up?  capture this 
husker du  never talking to you again 
gabe cahill  light bright 
esthero  swallow me 
stand bye  well wishing 
atmosphere  like today 
12 rods  i am faster 
metaphor  fireflies 
low  (that's how you sing) amazing grace 
the winter blanket  minor changes 


some lesser known local music.


Rob Conroy
Date: 3/23/2005
Great Husker Du, Replacements and Low picks. Thanks for including a Grant Hart and not a Bob Mould song as your Huskers choice. ;-D