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sunday morning (songs for baby jordan)

Artist Song
the velvet underground  sunday morning 
the cure  boys dont cry 
john lennon  beautiful boy (darling boy) 
the velvet underground  i found a reason 
red hot chili peppers  porcelain 
low  over the ocean 
lauryn hill  to zion 
sade  by your side 
ben folds  still fighting it 
sarah mclachlan  ice cream 
bette middler  baby mine 
low  in metal 
david bowie  the prettiest star 
the cure  close to me 
lauryn hill  cant take my eyes off you 
smashing pumpkins  luna 
tori amos  purple people 
radiohead  i will 
bright eyes  no lies, just love 
smashing pumpkins  farewell and goodnight 


for my newborn nephew Jordan on the sunday morning he was born. one part lullaby, one part life lessons. this is a mix of my sister's tastes in music as well as my own, and the songs we both enjoyed as children. some songs were put on this mix for clear reasons (boys dont cry, beautiful boy..) and some had much deeper personal meanings (to zion, porcelain, no lies just love). I had hoped this mix would soothe Jordan as he slept, and show him a little bit of myself and the times my sister and i grew up in for when he got older and could appreciate the lyrics.


bungeeless jumper
Date: 3/23/2005
it's lovely:)teach them while they're young,right?;)