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Cocteau Twins  Lazy Calm 
The Cramps  Green Fuz 
Sonic Youth  'Cross the Breeze 
U2  I Threw a Brick Through a Window 
The Cure  If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 
Depeche Mode  Never Let Me Down Again 
Joy Division  Isolation 
The Pixies  Something Against You 
Nirvana  School 
Descendents  I Like Food 
Metallica  The Call of Ktulu 
Hnsker Dn  What's Going On 
Skinny Puppy  Blood on the Walls 
Bauhaus  Dark Entries 
Dead Kennedys  Chicken Farm 
Stone Roses  I Wanna Be Adored 
Style Council  Have You Ever Had It Blue (12" version) 
The Smiths  Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 


Most of this is stuff I listened to in the 1980s, when I had a Robert Smith hairdo. The rest of the songs I've found more recently. About 75 min. long.