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The Tribe: Keeping The Dream Alive

Artist Song
Peter Gabriel  I Grieve 
Howie Day  Help (Beatles Cover) 
Tribal Sisters  The Dream Must Stay Alive 
REM  It's the End of the World As We Know It 
Muse  Apocalypse Please 
Texas  Like Lovers (Holding On) 
Cold  End of the World 
Marvin Gaye  Mercy Mercy Me 
Tears For Fears  Everybody Wants To Rule The World 
Garbage  I'm Really Into Techno 
Whitney Houston  Greatest Love Of All 
Vanessa Carlton  Paradise 
Don Henley  End of the Innocence 
311  Amber 
Cherry Poppin' Daddies  Zoot Suit Riot  
POE  Control 
Switchfoot  Dare You To Move  
Dar Williams  Charlie Frye 
Caleb Ross  Abadeo 
Tribal Sisters  Tribe Spirit 


Synopsis: The Tribe Overview

... Where the virus came from no-one knew. From deepest pace, bacterial warfare or some nation's scientific experiment gone horrifically wrong? Only an intensive inquiry could answer that. But there is no-one left to hold such an inquiry. No adults anyway.

And the few children left behind are too busy surviving to worry about what had plummeted them from a hi-tech world of sophistication - into a primitive hell of anarchy, confusion, danger and fear.

With no adults to guide, rule or protect them, the children of the world are on their own. Their task: to build a New World in their own image...

The Tribe will examine whatever that image might be...

Tribal gangs control their patch, protecting individual groups in the area in return for their loyalty which is demanded and must be absolute - at any and all cost.

Initially, while stocks last, the gangs provide looted processed food. In the future, unless they can teach themselves the technology to rebuild the world they knew, they will have to become hunters/gatherers like their ancestors.

Individual groups react in primitive, often bizarre and at times manic, uncontrolled ways.

But some Tribes - like our group - realise that with disaster comes a new opportunity. A new responsibility. The future is their's to create.

For so long the children had existed in a world governed by adults. The framework of influence had always been parents, teachers, politicians.

Can their reach extend beyond their grasp?

Will they `screw up' as they remember the adults doing, or can they evolve new values, priorities, a new consciousness, a hierarchy and society which will eventually create a new sustainable world?

The underlying series thematic will examine the cycle of consciousness determining existence - or existence determining consciousness - interwoven with a range of fascinating social issues, human drama and interplay as the series chronicles the relationships, conflicts, alliances within our group - and the individual hopes, dreams, ambitions, loves and enmities which make up the everyday life and world of - The Tribe.


Dead Heaven
Date: 3/26/2005
Interesting... "tuning in next week"