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Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ


Artist Song
Liz Soundbyte   I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died 
Dido   Here With Me (Roswell Theme) 
The Byrds   Mr. Spaceman 
Max/Liz Soundbyte   We Prefer the Term 'Not of This Earth' 
Jefferson Starship   Alien 
Rasputina   Trust All Stars 
Max soundbyte  The three of us belong together 
Rolling Stones   2,000 Light Years From Home 
The Toyes   Waiting For The Aliens 
Bif Naked   Spaceman 
Michael Soundbyte   Stone Wall 
Bjork   Human Behavior 
Dire Straits   Romeo and Juliet 
Area 51   Roswell Incident 
Imani Coppola   Soon 
Liz/Max Soundbyte  You risked all of this getting out 
Cranberries   I Can't Be With You 
Maria/Michael soundbyte   Half the Movies Ever Made 
Blink 182   Aliens Exist 
Klaatu   Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft 
Majandra Delfino with Max/Liz soundbyte   In The Air Tonight 
Bad Religion   Leaders and Followers 
Dido   Honestly OK 
Sheryl Crow   I Shall Believe 
Dave Matthews Band with Liz soundbyte   Crash Into Me 


A mix I made for a WB show that got cancelled after its third season. :(


Date: 3/27/2005
Coincidence, I've just started watching this having bought the first two series on far it doesn't impress me like Angel or Buffy. An eclectic mix to say the least..Byrds & Stones gets my thumbs up...much I don't know & some I just don't plain like but a thematically good mix!