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Darla & Angel: Show Me Your World

Artist Song
Liam/Darla Soundbyte  Show Me Your World 
Puscifer  Rev 22:20 
Queen  Killer Queen 
Edwyn Collins  A Girl Like You 
Jefferson Starship  Have You Seen the Stars Tonight 
Garbage  The World Is Not Enough 
Sisters of Mercy  Ribbons 
Unto Ashes  They Killed Three Little Maids 
Fastball  Vampires 
The Velvet Underground  Venus in Furs 
Santana  Put Your Lights On 
Bif Naked  Lucky 
Alanis Morissette  You Oughta Know 
The Cult  Painted on My Heart 
Jay Gordon  Slept So Long 
Pink Floyd  Burning Bridges 
Julie Benz  Ill Wind Blow Away 
Don Henley  Damn It, Rose 
Voltaire  See You In Hell 


Darla/Angel: Overview

Darla was a vampire who was sired by the Master and became a member of his brethren. Her time on time on the show Buffy was short but her role was a pivotal one: she was the vampire who sired Angel. Darla and Angel were a pair for a few generations, prowling the world and killing at will. They teamed up with Spike and Drusilla to cause havoc. When Angel was cursed with his soul, Darla was disgusted and left him. Angel killed Darla, but the vampire was brought back as a human by Wolfram and Hart in the spin-off show Angel. Angel tried to help Darla but she was sired again by Drusilla and she and Angel again became enemies. Angel slept with Darla in a fit of rage and she became pregnant with his child. The baby had a soul which began to affect Darla and she realised once she gave birth she would be a danger to her baby. Darla staked herself, which led to the birth of Angel's son Connor.


Date: 3/27/2005
4, 7, & 10 I do one on Faith!
Date: 3/30/2005
Oh yes. Let's have a Faith mix. Siiiigh