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there's no soul in this part one

Artist Song
Frank Sinatra  Fly Me to the Moon 
Tori Amos  You Belong To Me 
Soulive  Joyful Girl (featuring Dave Matthews) 
Katharine Whalen  After You've Gone 
Flat Earth Society  Woeful Message from the VLF 
Lamb  Heaven 
Pi Soundtrack  Massive Attack - Angel 
Air  Talisman 
TV On The Radio  Staring At The Sun 
The Mars Volta  Televators 
Martina Topley Bird  Llya 
Poe  Junkie 
Bjork  I Can't Help Loving That Man 
Louis Armstrong  I Still Get Jealous 


a mix i made trying to incorporate jazz with trip hop and mellow soul - or mellow alt.

made for a friend, part of a pair.