Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse: 1988-1994 (disc one)

Artist Song
Nirvana  Oh, The Guilt 
Nirvana  Return Of The Rat 
Nirvana  Serve The Servants 
Nirvana  Dumb 
Nirvana  Heart-Shaped Box 
Nirvana  Marigold 
Nirvana  Rape Me 
Nirvana  Pennyroyal Tea 
Nirvana  I Hate Myself And I Want To Die 
Nirvana  Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle 
Nirvana  Moist Vagina 
Nirvana  All Apologies 
Nirvana  About A Girl (unplugged) 
Nirvana  The Man Who Sold The World (unplugged) 
Nirvana  Where Did You Sleep Last Night (unplugged) 
Nirvana  Sappy 
Nirvana  Do Re Mi (demo) 
Nirvana  You Know You're Right 


Combining singles, b-sides, album tracks and songs that were once upon a time considered "rare," this two-disc set spans Nirvana's career, from Sub-Pop to bored-and-old. Disc two of two.