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When You Dance It Is Torture [for Poppy]

Artist Song
The Honorary Title  Bridge & Tunnel 
Final Fantasy  Peach, Plum, Pear 
Tarkio  Keeping Me Awake 
Magnolia Electric Co.  Leave The City 
Iron & Wine  Sodom, South Georgia 
Stellastarr*  Jenny 
Rosie Thomas  I Play Music 
Stars  Calendar Girls 
Annie Hayden  Wood & Glue 
The Decemberists  I Don't Mind 
Crooked Fingers  You Can Never Leave 
Wilco  Just A Kid 
Bright Eyes  Old Soul Song 
Jump, Little Children  Close Your Eyes 
Postal Service  This Place Is A Prison 
Costeau  Talking To Myself 
Nourallah Brothers  I'll Be Around 
Creeper Lagoon  Wrecking Ball 
Neko Case  Outra With Bees 


the first of possibly several mixes for fellow AOTM'er Poppy. she's being extremely kind and sending me a bunch of Iron & Wine. a big thanks goes out to Joe Gillis for some of these tracks. and a fellow Colin Meloy fan for sending me more Tarkio than I know what to do with! enjoy. title is from "You Can Never Leave".


john widdop
Date: 4/7/2005
I love you.
French Connection
Date: 4/7/2005
Looks good to me.
Date: 4/7/2005
oh what a loverly mix. so are we tradin or wha?
lusty kazoo
Date: 4/29/2005
damn, where do i start? this one rocks me ... truly, i felt like i won the lottery when i opened my package, you put some great songs on here ... hope you enjoy your cds & happy birthday to boot ;)