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maybe tonight we could put the fuck into the fight.

Side A
Artist Song
the sissies  to the rescue 
the sissies  was furchtest du dich? 
bitch and animal  guys suck 
gravy train!!!!  hella nervous 
hole  rock star 
harum scarum  trashed for cash 
discount  half fiction 
bjork  army of me 
the gossip  jailbreak 
vice squad  angry youth 
veruca salt  shimmer like a girl 
excuse 17  the drop dead look 
contravene  is this a future? 
julie ruin  the punk singer 
submission hold  source of fuck 
peaches  aa xxx 
Side B
yeah yeah yeahs  bang 
horrorpops  where they wander 
babes in toyland  handsome & gretel 
huggy bear  herjazz 
pj harvey  rid of me 
quix*o*tic  ice cream sundae 
rasputina  antique high heel red doll shoes 
melt banana  showroom of dummies 
ani difranco  fuel 
scarling  band-aid covers the bullet hole 
sleater-kinney  all hands on the bad one 
7 year bitch   kiss my ass goodbye 
x-ray spex  plastic bag 
bikini kill  don't need you 
team dresch  hand grenade 
rasputina  why don't you do right? 
i object  7" of crap, 8" of passion 
bikini kill  for tammy rae 


girl music. made to cheer up a friend.


Girl Take It Easy
Date: 4/19/2005
why do all your mixes look so good?
Concrete Kitty
Date: 4/19/2005
great pics from: gravy train, x-ray, huggy bear, gossip
Date: 4/21/2005
oh, this makes me so happy. fabulous mix!