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Ronan Keating Dancing on the Moon

Artist Song
Ronan Keating  Life Is A Rollercoaster 
Ronan Keating  Heal Me 
Ronan Keating  Lovin' Each Day 
Ronan Keating  I Love It When We Do 
Ronan Keating  Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try) 
Ronan Keating  Come Be My Baby 
Ronan Keating  My One Thing That's Real 
Ronan Keating  Time For Love 
Ronan Keating  Blown Away 
Ronan Keating  As Much As I Can Give You Girl 
Ronan Keating  Pickin' Me Up 
Ronan Keating  I Got My Heart On You 
Ronan Keating  Give You What You Want 
Ronan Keating  Getting Started 
Ronan Keating  (We Just Need) Time 
Ronan Keating & CTcilia Cara  Je T'aime Plus Que Tout 
Ronan Keating  Life Is A Rollercoaster (Musicload Live Session) 
Ronan Keating  Someday We'll Know (Live @ Wembley 2002) 


While I don't like Ronan Keating I'm a huge fan of former New Radicals front man Gregg Alexander, who wrote and produced all these songs for Ronan.

The first two tracks are from Ronan, track 3-11 are from Destination, track 12 is the UK bonus track from Destination, track 13 is the UK bonus tracks from Turn It On, track 14 was included on some versions of the UK Special Edition of Turn It On instead of "Give You What You Want" and track 15 is from Bring You Home.Bonus tracks: Track 16 is a french version of "I Love It When We Do", with CTcilia Cara, released as a single. Track 17 is an acoustic version of "Life Is A Rollercoaster" released on Ronan's Musicload Acoustic Session and the last track is a live cover of the New Radicals' "Someday We'll Know", from the Ronan Live Destination Wembley '02 DVD.
The mix's title, Dancing On The Moon, is taken from two songs; it's a line from both "I Love It When We Do" and the New Radicals' "Someday We'll Know", which Ronan covered during his Destination Everywhere tour in 2002.