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She Left Without Leaving...

Artist Song
Gang Gang Dance  Egowar --> aren't so many relationships like that? boo hoo 
Cansecos  This Small Disaster --> but it turned out for the best! 
The Reindeer Section  Deviance --> haha! anger 
The Books  Motherless Bastard --> ....and self-loathing, right? 
Panda Bear  Untitled 
Nelly Mckay  Baby, Watch Your Back 
Mountain Goats  Cubs In Five 
Kinks  Rosie, Won't You Please Come Home 
Anthony and The Johnsons  Hope There's Someone 
M83  Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun --> eeeek, no comment! tee hee 
Avalanches  Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life 
Death In Vegas  Hands Around My Throat --> who WAS the vengeful? i don't know 
Wrens  This Boy Is Exhausted 
...Trail of Dead  Relative Ways --> oh...i just can't 
Of Montreal  Penelope --> my hero! truly: ever since i was small (even then, right! tee hee) 
Moaning Texan  Didn't Her Penis Stabbed My Love? 
The Radio Dept.  Where Damage Isn't Already Done 
Club 8  Cold Hearts 
Annie  Happy Without You --> despite the crap dye-job! 
LCD Soundsystem  Great Release 
The Roches  Hammond Song --> sheesh, it doesn't change 
Scissor Sisters  Step Aside for the Man --> now the good part 
Morrissey  Last of the Famous International Playboys 
Edan  Promised Land --> what a promise! what promiscuity! 
Belle and Sebastian  Me and the Major --> you know it, girl! 
The Frogs  Homos 


This mix tracks my trajectory from point A) deject of the un-boyfriend-able to B) gay blade for the uber-promiscuous


Date: 4/23/2005
Quite a story. By the way when you submit a mix you can change the "Category" e.g. you might want to label this as "Narrative."
Date: 4/25/2005
this has some super songs on it. i love the theme (and the comments). fabulous job!