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Melancholy and all his mean drunken cousins

Artist Song
Amy in the White Coat  Bright Eyes 
Take Me Down  Smashing Pumpkins 
Brooklyn  Neva Dinova 
Orange Sky  Alexi Murdoch 
I Found a Reason  Yo La Tengo 
Lily (My one and only)  Smashing Pumpkins 
I am drinking again  Bonnie Prince Billy 
Cupid de Locke  Smashing Pumpkins 
Inmates  The Good Life 
Notes In His Pockets  The Good Life 
Today is the Day  Yo La Tengo 
Three Questions  Bonnie Prince Billy 
Beautiful  Smashing Pumpkins 
A Golden Exit  The Good Life 
Kathy With A K's Song  Bright Eyes 
Tears Are In Your Eyes  Yo La Tengo 
Dances Fantastic  Neva Dinova 
Farewell and Goodnight  Smashing Pumpkins 


Sorry if the bands are used too frequently