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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Narrative

He's In The Industry

Side A
Artist Song
King Missile (Dog Fly Religion)  Now 
The Beatles  Savoy Truffle 
Plastics  I Love You, Oh No! 
Pere Ubu  Ice Cream Truck 
Dread Zeppelin  Heartbreaker (At The End of Lonely Street) 
Moroboshi Industries  Tired of Sex 
Minutemen  Do You Want New Wave, Or Do You Want The Truth? 
Mark Mothersbaugh  My Home Town 
Yello  I Love You 
Thomas Dolby  Leipzig 
Groove Armada  At The River 
Toni Basil  Space Girls 
Animal Collective  Who Could Win A Rabbit 
Frank Zappa  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 
The Residents  Whoopy Snorp 
The Double U  Philosophy of the World 
Hella  City Folk Sitting, Sitting 
Devo  Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats) 
Side B
Capillary Action  Ticking Ghosts Pt. 1 
Dog Hair Dressers  Orange Juice 
Jean Jacques-Perrey  E.V.A. 
Suburban Lawns  Janitor 
Tracy + The Plastics  Destroyer 
Ex Models  Sex Automata 
GADGETTO and RELOAD  Television Set 
Alex Gopher  Gordini Mix (Brakes On Mix by Air) 
Dogbowl  Love Bomb 
Can  Outside My Door 
Need New Body  Pen 
Kraftwerk  Robotronik (Klingklang Mix) 
Barcelona  Teenage Pop Star 
Yukari Fresh  Yukarin' Disco 
Add N To (X)  King Wasp 
Einstruzende Neubauten  Yu-Gung (Adrian Sherwood Remix) 
Wall of Voodoo  Crack The Bell 
Le Car  Audiofile Six 


After the mysterious gift of a double-CD Mix from a good friend of mine, I've decided to repay the favor... He deserves it.


Jean-Jacques Perrey
Date: 4/25/2005
"E.V.A." is my third favorite song.