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CD | Theme - Romantic

When You Get Dressed Each Morning

Artist Song
Cake  Short Skirt/Long Jacket  
Spoon  The Fitted Shirt  
The Beatles  Old Brown Shoe  
The Apples in Stereo  If You Want to Wear a Hat  
James Brown  Hot Pants  
Elvis Presley  Blue Suede Shoes  
Ben Folds Five  Leather Jacket  
Captain of Industry  Sockama  
Yo La Tengo  Autumn Sweater  
Ulysses  Her Silver Veil  
Weezer  Undone - The Sweater Song  


My girlfriend asked for something to listen to while she got ready in the morning, so here it is. It's kind of a short mix, but I'm pretty pleased with it.


Date: 5/7/2005
i too would be pleased with this!!!