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CD | Theme - Romantic

...And they lived happily ever after

Artist Song
Snow White  Someday My Prince Will Come 
Sleeping Beauty  Once Upon A Dream 
Beauty and the Beast  Something There 
Lion King  Can You Feel The Love Tonight 
Little Mermaid  Kiss The Girl 
Lady and the Tramp  Bella Notte 
Hunchback of Notre Dame  A Guy Like You 
the Parent Trap  Let's Get Together 
Puff the Magic Dragon  Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You Too) 
American Tale  Somewhere Out There 
Oliver and Company  You And Me Together 
Robin Hood  Love 
Aladdin  A Whole New World 
Cinderella  So This Is Love 
the Rescuers  Someone's Waiting For You 
Little Mermaid  Part Of Your World (reprise) 
Snow White  I'm Wishing/One Song 
Bambi  Love Is A Song 


ok, so its theme-slash-romantic... yep. all the good disney love songs... made for my prince charming.


Mike Eternity
Date: 5/9/2005
Wow...this is sheer beauty. Nobody does fairy tale romance like Disney, and you put them in great order. In all my years here on AOTM, I've never asked anyone this, but: wanna trade? I can make something for you if you'd like, whatever it takes to get my hands on this. It would be perfect for my girlfriend. Either way: fantastic