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Skank for Life

Artist Song
Berserk Postal Clerks  Carne Asada 
Secret Agent 8  Beer's Okay 
The Flamingos  Real Life 
Precious Roy  Someday 
Superspecs  Freak 
Bim Skala Bim  Brain Damage  
Plan 17  No Cause for Concern 
Catch 22  Dear Sergio  
The Slackers  Wasted Days  
Beat Soup  Coup De Ska  
Sockfull of Pennyz  The Artist 
Furillo  Friday Night  
Big D and the Kids Table  Good Luck 
Jeffries Fan Club  Another Love Story (live) 
A Girl Named Craig  Dr. Skipper  
Planet Smashers  So Happy 
Pietasters  Wasted  
The Ninjas  Robot Pirates 
Skankin Pickle  I'm In Love With a Girl Named Spike 
The Toasters  Razor Cut  
The Know How  See Her Again 
The Skandoms  My Fault 
Chris Murray  We Do the Ska  
Mustard Plug  The Freshman 
Driver Friendly  The End 
Fortunado  Blue CC 
Let's Go Bowling  Mayhem 


There is a lot of local-ish New England ska on here... obviously, The Flamingos is not the 50s Flamingos you might be thinking of.... and The Freshman and Brain Damage are covers... This was a birthday present for a good friend who's finally started going to shows, so I tried to keep most of it as a local sampler. There's a second CD to this, but I'm lazy. It's got Tip the Van (some of my good friends who also happen to be wickedly tight... you must see/hear them if you ever get the chance!) on it, and a couple other local guys and gals. In any case, this is a pretty skankin' mix... there's only a few songs that aren't easy to dance to on here. Enjoy!


Nick Falivena
Date: 5/9/2005
Wow, a friend and I were just discussing the fate of Moon Records the other day. Which of these bands still tour? Ska revival was THE thing when I was in high school. I must've seen the Scofflaws 2 dozen times. Flashback
Girl Take It Easy
Date: 5/9/2005
pretty sweet mix. where in new england are you? i go to a lot of ska shows in the metro-boston area.
Date: 5/9/2005
I'm east-of-the-river CT. But, uh, lessee. Personally, I've seen The Know How, The Pietasters, Mustard Plug, The Flamingos, Fortunado, Tip the Van, Big D and the Kids Table, Catch 22, the Flaming Tsunamis, The Debonaires, the Delegates, Stealing from Peter, Sick Boy, I Voted for Kodos, Three Years Accident Free, High School Football Heroes, Too Short Notice, Streelight Manifesto, Skaliosis, and.. probably a few others I can't think of at the moment. All of those guys are currently on tour or have been on tour within the past two years. The Toasters were just recently around here, in February or something, but I couldn't make it. And as for most of the other guys on here... as far as I know, they're pretty evenly split between "long gone" and "still hangin' in there".

Ska might be dead... but its zombie corpse is still kicking.